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Benefits of Consumable Add-on Cover in Car Insurance

By Juhi Walia
12 August 2022, 11:13 AM

Consumable add-ons are the insurance company's extra coverage options in the car insurance contract. It helps car owners improve their financial security over consumables on top of a basic car insurance policy coverage in unexpected situations. Since these add-ons provide extra protection for our cars, they can only be purchased by paying an extra amount. 

There are a variety of consumable add-ons for four-wheeler insurance plans. Different consumable add-ons items are there for different scenarios. Therefore, selecting the right consumable add-on can help the insured save a lot of money. 

Most people are unaware of the consumable add-ons and their advantages and end up without one. This article points out the benefits of consumable add-on cover in car insurance. To learn the details, Read along! 

What is a Consumable Add-on?

Consumable items are those items that get exposed every time a car gets repaired or serviced.

A consumable car insurance add-on covers the cost of car repairs, including the labour charges. The consumable add-on helps policyholders save on repairing their cars. This cushion only helps if your car gets damaged due to defects in the vehicle's gearbox, oil fitler, etc. So, don't be content with a comprehensive car insurance policy. If you often come across situations that could cause damage to vehicle consumables, having a consumable add-on is a must for you. For example, repairing the car's coolant can cost you INR 3,000-5,000 (approx.). The actual cost may be more depending on the extent of the damage done to your car.

Consumable car insurance add-on covers damage to these car components -

  1. Engine oil
  2. Break oil
  3. Gearbox oil
  4. Oil filter
  5. Distilled water
  6. Screw
  7. Nut and bold
  8. AC gas oil
  9. AC gas
  10. Lubricants

Benefits of Consumable Add-on 

As the name suggests, the add-on covers additional coverages for our car. Our car is more protected, and the more add-on coverage we have, the greater our chances of recovering the most money in an accident or car damage.

While calculating the premium amount for car insurance, companies consider many factors affecting the premium amount. The premium amount is often determined by the vehicle’s age, the part (metallic, plastic, fibre, etc.), and many other things. Many additional deductions will also affect the insurance claim payment that we will get. In case of damage to our car without the consumable add-on, we have to bear the additional cost that the car insurance policy does not cover.

A consumable add-on cover in car insurance can eliminate our extra burden. Consumables pay for any extra maintenance costs. For example, we could pay for things like accident repairs, etc.

Hence, add-on coverage benefits us financially if we file a car insurance claim.

The benefits of consumable add-on cover in car insurance include -

  1. It covers the cost of car repairs if the consumables are damaged.
  2. It covers the cost of car parts and labour required for the repairs.
  3. It helps people pay for consumable fixes.
  4. People living in places that pose a risk to the car's consumables must buy this car insursance add-on. You can buy the same either when purchasing the basic car insurance policy or on renewal.

Illustration of Consumable Car Insurance Add-on Benefit

Imagine a person named Aman car meets an accident and immediately has to be repaired, but the repair costs around INR 15,000, including consumables repair of around INR 5000. With monthly maintenance, diesel, or petrol, this cost might look burdensome to Aman, but with consumable cover, including an add-on feature for repairs, he doesn’t have to spend anything.

If Aman had only a comprehensive car insurance policy, he might have to pay INR 5000.


Comprehensive car insurance covers everything, including third-party liabilities, but excludes consumables that need frequent repairs. In addition to regular maintenance and expenditures, all new and old cars may require costly consumable repairs. We may significantly reduce these costs and extra burdens by getting consumable protection in car insurance.

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1. What is a consumable add-on cover in a car insurance policy?

A consumable add-on cover in a car insurance policy covers us for the consumables that a comprehensive car insurance policy doesn't. You will need to pay an additional premium to your insurer to buy this add-on cover. 

2. Is it good to add consumable add-ons to a car insurance policy?

Yes, the consumable add-on in car insurance covers the consumables to repair whenever they are damaged, which a comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover.

3. Does a comprehensive car insurance policy cover radiant coolant damage cost?

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers only radiant damage but not radiant coolant damage. So, you need to buy a consumable add-on cover to pay for the radiant cooler damage cost.

4. Does zero depreciation cover consumables?

Zero depreciation does not include the costs of consumables. Only metal, fibre, and rubber parts are fully covered under zero depreciation car insurance cover.

5. What is included in consumables in car insurance?

Consumables in car insurance include the damage done to nuts and bolts, washers, lubricants, radiant coolant, oil filters, power steering oil, and other similar items. 

6. What are the exclusions in the consumable add-on cover in car insurance?

The exclusions in the consumable add-on cover in car insurance include a few conditions such as electrical or mechanical breakdown, wear and tear in any of the car's consumable items, driver driving the car without any licence or a valid licence, driving after consuming alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicants, and delaying in informing the insurance company, etc. 

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