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Best Electric Two-wheelers in India in 2022

By Juhi Walia
01 August 2022, 2:22 PM

Technological advancements are increasing, and since fuel costs keep rising, people are moving toward electric two-wheelers for commuting. If you're considering buying one, check below a list of the top electric two-wheelers in India. These bikes are stylish, offer fast charging, captivating designs, etc. Let's read on!

 1. Ola S1

The Ola S1 is an electric two-wheeler with two variants. The top model starts at around INR 1,27,600, containing a 5500 W motor. It provides a two-wheel finish with front and back plate restraints. Ola electric has brought the S1 vehicle to India. These models are now the leading battery-operated scooters in the Indian market.


  • It has a certified riding range of 100+km given by ARAI.
  • It is available nationwide.


  • Sales targets are overestimated.

2. Hero Photon

Hero Photon by Saint Electric is the leading chargeable scooter in India. It provides 110km on a complete charge. It has a 2.7kW battery that fully charges in around 4 hours. It comes with an association guarantee of four years. This scooter costs around INR 80,000, becoming an ideal option for any two-wheeler owner.

They are available in two models that have reinforced bodywork. They are also preinstalled with several new upgrades like:

  1. Anti-theft buzzer.
  2. Different riding modes, namely, power and economy.


  • Smooth acceleration and driving experience.


  • Less ground clearance.

3. Hero Electric Optima E2

This Hero model is an excellent fit for an average Indian rider. It is a reliable two-wheeler for your joy rides. With a battery of 250w, it has the highest speed of just 25kmph.

A battery guarantee of five years ensures that customers are sure of the support they will get with this scooter. Its reasonable price and slightly weighed case make it a smooth riding experience for customers. 


  • Comfortable rides.
  • Visually appealing.


  • Have a restricted range.

4. E Pluto 7G

Priced at INR 80,000, this two-wheeler is an extraordinary option for a first automobile. It has a 1500w BLDC engine with a speed of 65kmph. It possesses a 2.5kW battery, making it an ideal choice. Due to its suspension framework, it is a decent buy for a city ride.


  • Portable battery.
  • 120km range of riding.


  • Non-existent boot space.

5. Bajaj Chetak EV

Bajaj is considered one of India's best and most reputed scooters. Earlier, the company used to sell petrol scooters under the ‘Chetak’ brand name. In 2019, it planned to launch its first electric scooter. Bajaj Chetak EV has a 3kW battery that consumes electric charge for around 5 hours and ranges from 85km to 95km.

Its engine is 3800w BLDC having a speed of 78kmph. This is more than sufficient for Indian roads.

t is now considered India’s best electric scooter brand.  Its design detailing is not to be missed. It refines and amalgamates Chetak’s retro look with a modern perspective. The frontal discs are a standard option in the variant with the upper echelon.   It also has a three-year battery warranty.


  • Tech-equipped and stylish.
  • Superior suspensions.


  • Not enough riding range.

6. Okinawa Ridge+

The Okinawa Ridge+ is equipped with an 800w BLDC motor with a maximum speed of 5kmph. It is powered by a 1.74-li-ion battery that can be completely charged in around 3 hours and can ride for approximately 90km per charge. The ABS component on this scooter is the most lucrative model in this cost bracket. 


  • Riding range of 100+ km.
  • Tech-savvy model.


  • Comparatively costlier.

7. Okinawa iPraise+

A remarkable launch from Okinawa is this Praise model. The initial Praise model had a destructive lead battery, now replaced with the li-ion battery in this model. It is powered by a 1000w BLDC motor which can make up to 2500w of power, making it enough to travel at 58kmph. As per vehicle subject matter experts, this Okinawa iPraise model gives an adaptable application and a nice driving experience with better cost and reach. 


  • Visually appealing.
  • Enhanced reliability.


  • Lacks in usability.


As seen above, almost every premium brand has entered the electric two-wheeler segment. To keep pace with the always-changing modern times, these brands are coming up with the best engines and batteries to cater to Indian clients with the best speed.

Top brands like Hero, Okinawa, Bajaj, TVS, etc., have their pros and cons but are still the best. Don’t look further— just buy your electric two-wheeler and enjoy your ride.

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1. Are these electric two-wheelers reliable?

Before buying one, you should know how reliable your electric bike is! Its reliability score depends on factors like battery life, build quality, etc. It also depends on the charging network. A brand should have a significant number of charging stations. 

2. What features should I look for while buying an electric scooter?

When buying an electric scooter, you should ensure it has enough boot space, different riding modes, a modern display, Bluetooth connectivity, and charging ports. 

3. How much charge time does an electric two-wheeler take?

Once your vehicle runs out of power, it needs time to get recharged. You shouldn’t buy a scooter that takes longer to charge. Go for an option that supports fast charging. You can also opt for the ones that get charged within 7 hours. In that case, you can leave them on charge overnight. 

4. How much is the ownership cost of electric two-wheelers?

While buying an electric scooter, you should consider the ownership cost through factors like electricity cost, daily usage, short or long commutes, etc. Ownership cost is higher at the time of purchase, but it decreases later. 

5. Do these vehicles come with any warranty?

The most crucial elements of an electric scooter are the motor and the battery. So, it is better to enquire about their warranty beforehand. A lot of manufacturers provide a warranty of 2-3 years. However, some offer warranties for a more extended period. You can go with any of them.

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